Are You and Your House Covered?

My friends and I talk about a lot of different things at lunch in the teacher’s lounge. I thought that it was important that we talked about more than school because it may be nice to vent to each other every day, I thought it was going to be nice for us to talk about ourselves to get to know each other. Our schools had merged to make one large one and I was really excited to get to know more people who may like to do things outside of school, or help me with the different clubs that I ran. I knew that there had to be more than one teacher who liked to do things for kids after school. We were talking about all of the different things that had to happen in order to get our families out of the house in the morning. We had to take care of our own things with our families things in addition and it was really difficult.

I wanted to be sure that my friends at school were good with us talking to the new teachers at the lunches about different things we had already had planned and they said that they would be happy to speak with them, too. I wanted to see if the new staff that we were working with had the things in mind in order to hang with us. I wanted to be sure that we all had something to talk about other than school because it could be a lot to have to talk about the same thing all day and not have people want to get to know you. I did not want to work in a place where people did not like each other and didn’t know anything about the other person next door.