They Created a Great Website for Me

I wanted to redo my website because it was not very effective in getting me new business. I had a steady flow of current customers, and occasionally I would have a former customer look and order from my site. I was not getting very many new customers though. The ones I was getting were because of word of mouth rather than finding me because of an online search. I knew I needed to have an expert in ecommerce web design because I had no idea how to do it. Even if I did, it is just not something I am interested in. I figured it would be better to just leave this to the experts.

I also thought it would be neat for my customers to be able to order right from the website. When someone saw something they wanted before, they would just send me a message or an email. I thought if the website could just handle everything, it would be better not only for myself but for my customers too. I thought of the times I go to a website and can just order what I want and pay for it, and I wanted my own customers to have that easy process too.

I thought finding the right company would be difficult because I am pretty picky who I trust with my business. I found a great company, and I did my due diligence in finding out how other people felt about them. I was able to read reviews, and I knew that they were trustworthy from those. When I told them everything I wanted, I thought that there were going to be a lot of back and forth before I picked the final design. That was not the case at all because they listened to everything I wanted, and they designed the perfect website for my business. My customers are happy, and I am too!